Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Puzia ba Eroi Proklamador "Dr. Francisco Xavier"

Francisco Xavier do Amaral
(1937 – 2012)
© Janio Tilman, 06 March 2012

Rai-lafaek ohin halerik no tanis
We’e Mota moris nian, suli hosi fatin-fatin
Hosi rai-jáko to’o Oekuse
Nalihun iha Rai-klaran
Kanoin to’o Ó moris uluk
Kanoin to’o Ó saran an ba mate,
nodi teri netik babeur balada fuik be hadau matak Ó soin
Kanoin to’o Ó nia luta
Kanoin to’o Ó viva Timor,
Iha ema lubun be haleu Ó,
Loron 28 Novembro 1975,
Loron be Ó hakroat povu maubere buibere nia espirito nasionalizmu,
Loron be Ó habelar sira fuan
Loron be Ó halulik rai ne’e ho
Lia be loke xave roman nian ba povu tomak
“Ó Deklara Ukun-rasik an”
Ohin Ó nia isin mate subar ona iha rai okos be klean
Maibe oras ne’e no loron aban,
“Ó nia istoria subar klean iha ami hotu nia fuan”
Viva Dr. Francisco Xavier
Viva Proklamador

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Journey and My Self

My dream is being response when I got the chance to go out of my country to a huge country that I have ever dreamed about. Wow..................... That's amazing, one interesting things that I have found throughout my journey is a blessing.
Why I should say this, before living my country I had lots of task to do at the University. Imagine, I needed to complete those assigned tasks as soon as possible. One huge task that really hard to do in short time is My Teaching Practice Report. It is about 30 pages plus the school's background attachment. Miracle occurs, just a day i am living I have finished that early and according to the exact time. uhhh................ How happy I am. Ultimately, I am to be here in United State of America. That's my favorite country ever and ever.